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September 22, 2009

Leave the tight ends on the football field

Filed under: fashion — keri @ 11:51 am

Mondays during football season can be tough on your buckle. Sunday spent drinking beer, eating chips with loads of dip, hot wing and all that BBQ mania. And oh…it doesn’t stop on Sunday don’t forget those Monday night games. Girls and boy remember to wear clothing that can expand with you. if you think it’s a bit tight on monday morning then it will without question be too tight by nights end.

September 20, 2009

Fall fashion that can work in the workplace

Filed under: fashion — keri @ 5:19 pm

Fall 2009 fashions hot trends! Corsets, chunky jewelry and Rocker looks, there is a trick to wearing these “sexy and sultry look” in the standard corporate workplace. Wear a sweater under or throw a Cashmere cozy over a corset dress. Try a bohemian top with skinny black pants and heel or boots. Pair a oversized piece of jewelry with a traditional look. Remember take one new look and combine it with existing items from your closet to save your wallet.

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